French Hotchkiss 25 mm AA Gun .stl pack


Light automatic cannons are a potent weapon system to employ in Bolt Action wargaming. They are most often associated with the German force selector, and for good reason – the Germans have multiple options to employ them – from single to quad mounts, on field mounts, tanks, armoured cars, half tracks and soft skin vehicles.

Too often players tabling armies of the less commonly played armies aren’t able to add these weapons to their lists. This model may help address that.

The French employed a 25mm AA gun. In the French Army list, the player has the option of a single barreled Hotchkiss 25mm gun, and the option of a double-barrelled upgrade for an extra 30 points.

This .stl set is designed only for resin printing; they are not suitable for FDM printing

The .stl set includes the “Y” mount, a gun cradle for both the from single and double mount, and the guns themselves. Pre-supported files for all .stls are included.