French D1 Tank – 28mm


Bolt Action players fielding an early war French army are offered a dizzying choice of light and medium tanks. One overlooked option is the D1. The D1, unlike the later D2, is not tagged as “unreliable” and offers a light ATG, 8+ armour, and in addition to the coaxial MMG the D1 also has a hull MMG. It provides a good balanced package to the French army platoon in Bolt Action.

I did up a series of .stls for printing the D1 in 28mm, with files each specific for FDM and resin printing.

Both packages offer the radio antenna and trench crossing tail, which should be considered optional, as you will see in many historical photos, the D1 tanks in action in 1940 operated both with and without the antennas and tails.

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