French Char 2C tank – 28mm


When we evaluating the progression in armour development in WW2, we tend to think of the early war tanks as the small light AFVs – the Pz 1, the R-35, the Mark VI light tank – and only late in the war did behemoths take the field; such as the King Tiger and the IS-2.
Neglected is the first true mammoth AFV of the war, the French Char 2C. The proportions of this AFV are staggering – measuring over 10 meters in length, over 4 meters in height, weighing in at 69 tons, it had a crew of 12. Although designed to be employed in the Great War, it remained in service and only the rapid German advance in 1940 prevented it from engaging in combat; instead, they were abandoned en route to the front and were disabled by their crews.
In Bolt Action, the Char 2C packs quite a punch; a 9+ armour tank (upgrade to the command version gets you to 10+!) with a light howitzer in the main turret, a rear turret mounted MMG and three hull mounted MMGs; in a game of Bolt Action you can potentially fire onto fire different targets in a single turn. It is “slow” but serves as almost a tracked fortress.

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