FR: Magicienne-class 5th rate (32 guns), Magicienne/Topaz, 1778-1816, 3-PACK


A class of French frigate, many of which went on to be captured by the Royal Navy.

Two ships of the class, Artémise and Sérieuse , were present at the Battle of the Nile with both being destroyed by their crews to prevent their capture.

This download includes three different configurations based on two variants of the Magicienne and one of the Topaze:

  1. Based on plans drawn up in 1783 for Magicienne after her being fitted with carronades, prior to another refit.
  2. Based on plans drawn up in 1791 for the same ship, prior to her being fitted as a conventional 32 gun frigate.
  3. Based on plans for the Topaze, drawn up in 1795

These options allow for three different appearances for the price of one model!

The painted and rigged example of the ship was built and painted by Laurent Iris. Please note that Laurent created his own masts and used third party sails and accessories.

These ships’ download includes both 1/700 and 1/620 “heroic” versions.

Sold By Henry Turner
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