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Flotilla Forward is a stand alone campaign system for small boats in World War II. Similar to the popular Platoon Forward and Squadron Forward, you will create boat captains for your flotilla and take them through missions using whatever tactical rules you like. The focus is on the captains and their interactions with each other, their crews, superiors and other members of the base rather than a step ladder campaign. Think Sgt Steiner in Cross of Iron. Thus it is very flexible. Designed primarily for solo play, Part I is about creating your captains and includes their personalities, motivation and background. It also creates the characters they will interact with. Part II are the scenarios where you will test the flotilla’s mettle. Scenarios included are: Convoy intercept, Sea Sweep, Rescue, Barge Busting and Landing. Full rules for creating the environment such as sea state and visibility are included. The enemy enters on blinds and there is an appendix to determine what ( and where) they actually are. Part III introduces both in game and post game events that drive your campaign story. Your CO doesn’t like you? Don’t be surprised if one of your boats is taken away “temporarily”. You have to land an agent? Fortunately your mate is 1st LT on a Hunt class DE. Maybe you can get back up for this mission after all. Such are the trials and tribulations of leading your flotilla forward!

More detailed descriptions and examples are found on my blog at platoonforward.blogspot.com. Please note all of my proceeds from this sale go to my local foodbank. Thank you!

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