Fairmile B MGB , Mk I and Mk II


This is an original file, representing a 1/300th scale model of the British Fairmile B motor launch. It is suitable for FDM printing. The Fairmile B served in both the Royal Navy as well as in the navies of many other Commonwealth Navies. It served as a sub chaser, a motor torpedo boat, a mine sweeper, and as in this model, a motor gun boat.

Please Note – there are TWO HULLs. please be sure of which model you wish to have before printing.

The weapon pack contains the guns for both hulls; as noted below. The two forward guns – a QF 2 pounder for Hull #1 and a Semi-auto 6 pounder for Hull #2 both has 9mm wide bases, while the other weapons have a 7mm base.

Hull #1 – represents an earlier version, armed with a 2 pounder QF gun on the forte deck and a single 20mm gun on the aft deck

Hull #2 – represents the up gunned MGB, armed with a semi-auto 6 pounder on the fore deck, a twin 20mm mid-ship (hits into a recess) and a 40mm bofors on the aft deck.

Both ships had two sets of twin .303 MGs mounted on either side of the upper pilot house.

Print instructions:

Hull – print at 0.1mm layers, it should print without supports, although if your encounter issues revert to supports.

Wpn pack – print at 0.06mm layers, be very careful removing supports, as barrels can be fragile. Mine removed without issue, but always be careful removing support material.

Please respect the creator’s license on this file.

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