Dutch S3 and S4 Kazemat


Model of the Dutch Kazemat S3 and S3. The kazemat had 1 Machine Gun, but three firing holes. Which was not ideal, as it required to move the Gun to an other location if needed. Many different types of camouflage was added, from adding wood to have it look like barn, or covered in green, painted in different patterns etc.
A few hundred had been build before the Germans attacked. The firing holes, which would be covered by just a 2 cm steel-plate, were a weak spot and many received direct hits from German guns like the 88mm.

5 types are included;
– S3(FL) Kazemat Heavy Machine gun
– S3 Kazemat Heavy Machine gun
– S3 Kazemat Light Machine gun rear door
– S3 Kazemat Light Machine gun with a vertical access-tube
– S4 Kazemat Light Machine gun

Armament : Schwarzlose M.08/15 (Included) or M.20 Lewis Gun (Not included)

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