Dutch K.N.I.L. Bofors Model 1924 105 mm Howitzer


This .stl pack is a further journey down the road of the K.N.I.L. – the Royal Dutch East indies Army, which fought in the early Pacific War against the Japanese Empire.

The KNIL followed an unusual route for what was a colonial Army, in that they seemed to have made armaments purchases quite separate from the Home Army in the Netherlands. One such purchase was in the interwar period, when they purchased at least 14 of the Bofors Model 1924 105mm howitzer. I haven’t found any entries to indicate they were employed by any other nation, even by the Swedish themselves.

These guns were and advancement over earlier models but were not “cutting edge” by any account. They were designed for motorized transport, but only as low speed (maximum speed of 18 mph) – as they had non-pneumatic, rubber rimmed steel wheels. The barrel was only an L/22, which has fine for colonial policing functions but outmatched for range by later designs.

This .stl pack includes files written for FDM (with six parts, and the handspike folded on the gun trail) and resin .stls ( two parts, with the hand spike extended as resin will allow for this). The resin pack includes pre-supported files if you chose to use those.

Please excuse the confused and misplaced Soviet figure in the photos, he is just there for a sense of scale.

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