Dodge 3 ton Truck / Free French AA Truck .stl pack


There is an often stated maxim : “Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics”

The Dodge 3 ton truck was one of the unsung heroes of WW 2. It served in just about every theatre, performing the essential but often ignored task of keeping the front lines supplied. They were used not only by the Americans but were also supplied to the U.K., Soviet Union, France and many other allied nations. As well, there are ample photos of the same trucks being used, post capture, by the Axis in the Western Desert and on the East Front.

While most used as a transport, the Free French used the Dodge ( as well as other models) as “gun trucks”, and in the game of Bolt Action the Free French can pick an AA truck, with either twin or quad HMGS ( in this case Hotchkiss 13.2mm HMGs) with 360 arc of fire and (obviously) flak ability, with a soft skin 6+ truck for only 100 points with the quad HMG – a poor man’s M 15 / M 16 CMGC.

This .stl pack offers both the AA truck as well as the 3 ton cargo truck; the cargo truck can be improved by adding a pintle MMG or HMG; in the resin file pack the pintle are Hotchkiss models, in the FDM weapon pack the pintles are standard Browning .30 and .50 MGs.

** The photos of the finished Free French models are those of Jeff Whitlock, who was kind enough to share his work with us. **

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