Churchill Mark I/II/I CS/II OKE/III (Short track guards)


1/56 Churchill Mark I, II or III with short track guards

The Mark I was armed with a 2 pounder in the original cast turret and 3″ howitzer in the hull

The Mark II replaced the hull howitzer with a BESA machine gun

The Mark I CS versions replaced the turret 2 pounder with a 3″ howitzer

The Mark II Oke was a Mark II fitted with a flamethrower as deployed unsuccessfully at Dieppe

The Mark III was fitted with a new welded turret and 6 pounder as deployed at Dieppe

There are pictures of a Mk I with 3″ howitzer in the turret and in the hull

The cast turret is provided both with and without stowage bins

The optional wading trunks are included for beach landings. Note following a landing the wading trunks were dropped but the exhaust extensions were retained.

Tracks provided intact or broken and must be mirrored for the right hand side

The Oke needs the Oke left track and the Mark I left track mirrored for the right.

It is recommended that the Oke rear pipe is replaced with wire as it’s very fragile!

Drawn in in Fusion 360 at 1/56 scale designed for resin printing.

No commercial use, personal use only, may not be shared, uploaded or otherwise distributed.

Copyright Richard Humble 2022

Created by Fylde Armouries
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