Carnosaur Medium Tank


15 AUG 2023 update:
– Sides of the tank were reworked to hide joints. Previous version are still included. Mirror sides for left and right.
– added Chimera turret adaptor and weapons for main turret.
– Added some Leman Russ turret weapons for main turret.
– Epic scale version included!

Kirov Pattern Carnosaur Medium Tank, a suitable proxy for several medium tanks in the grimdark future.

Includes Pre-supports and Lychee file for all parts.

Main Turret options:
Twin Autocannon
Twin Laser Cannon
Twin Gatling Laser
Voltage Culverin
Predatory Autocannon

Secondary Turret options:
Laser Cannons
Gatling Lasers
Heavy Flame-throwers
Heavy Bangers
Voltage Cavaliers

Other optional parts:
Seeker-Killer Anti-tank Missile
Rear Hatch Panel
OtherMainTurretWeapons: Twin Heavy Bangers, Laser Cannon&Twin Plasma, Twin Plasma Cannon, Twin Heavy Flamer
LemanRussTurretWeapons: Battling cannon (version A and B), Vanquishing Cannon, Twin Auto Cannon, Punishing Cannon. Each of these have a version with co-axial Stormbanger(two versions), Machine-gun, Laser Cannon, Heavy Flamethrower, and Heavy Banger.
ChimeraTurretWeapons: Heavy flamethrower, Heavy Banger, and Gatling Laser. Each of these have options for a co-axial mounted Stormbanger(two versions), Machine-gun, and sensors.
OtherSecondaryTurretWeapons: Air-cooled MG, water-cooled MG, Melter Gun, Mulimelter, Plasma Cannon, Storm Banger
Adaptor to mount Main Turret on an Imperial Main Battle Tank or Transport
Adaptor to mount Secondary Turret on Space Man tanks and Imperial transports
Alternate style hatch for main turret
Alternate style tracks
Storm Banger mini turret

Turrets and Main weapons have space for 5x2mm magnets. Secondary weapons can be mounted with 3×1 magnets.

The main turret ring is the same size as a plastic spaceman Predatory Tank and Razorback Transport.
The secondary turret rings are the same size as most standard hatches on imperial tank kits.
This kit is compatible with many of my other tank accessory kits such as the GROWS and miniTurrets.

Length: ~5 inches
Width: ~3.5 inches

The factory world of Kirov is a small compared to others. Their primary export to the empire is the Carnosaur Medium tank. It is similar to other, similarly named, medium tanks manufactured on other factory worlds, but can be acquired at a fraction of the cost. The Carnosaur was used extensively by auxiliary forces during the great civil war 10,000 years ago. In addition to the turret mounted weapons, Carnosaurs were often armed with a single-fire Anti-tank Grimdark Missile (ATGM).

Some chapters of the Empire’s elite Spacemen made use of Carnosaur tank during the 18th Purple Crusade. Due to the high demand for armored vehicles, the Techomarines sanctioned alternative procurement options. The versatile Carnosuar could be configured with the exact same weapon load-out as the more complex Predatory-class tanks. Due to the additive manufacturing process employed in the Carnosuar design, it could be acquired with fewer resources and brought to the battlefield more quickly.

Recently, the Carnosaur medium tank was been modified in the field to bring the armaments in line with those of the main Imperial Battle Tanks. The secondary turrets weapons are sometimes replaced with powerful multimelters and plasma cannons. The main turret weapon can be replaced with more traditional weapons such as the venerable battling cannon, tank killing vanquishing cannon, or, for anti-infantry duties, the punishing cannon. An additional laser cannon, heavy banger, or flamethrower may be mounted co-axial with the mail gun or in a secondary turret, replacing the commanders cupola. Many examples mount additional machine-gun or stormbangers in these same locations.

Copyright W. Culpepper 2023
[email protected]

Created by Tiny Panzer Studio
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