C 15 TA Armoured Truck 28mm


This .stl pack offers files for both FDM and resin printing of the C15TA Armoured Truck

The release of the Warlord Games Bolt Action campaign D-Day British and Canadian Sectors book offers the C15TA armoured truck to Canadian and British players. The vehicle was manufactured in large numbers, almost 4,000 were manufactured. Post war the C15TA continued to see extensive service in the post-war conflicts with the French in Indochina, the Dutch in the East Indies, and the Portuguese in their African colonial wars.

Although the Warlord entry does not offer a pintle machine gun, and most historical photos in NW Europe will show them with the full canvas tarp, post war they were liberally festooned with machine guns, so the .stl pack offers pintle mount MMG in both the FDM and resin pack.

The Bolt Action rules provide the C15TA as a 7+ Armoured Carrier, open topped, with a capacity of 8 passengers, with a cost of 59 points as a regular.