British 2-pounder QF Anti-tank gun .stl pack


Many historians, when reviewing the maelstrom that was the Second World War, point out that among the many failings of the Third Reich was their reliance on overly complex and over-engineered weapon systems. They were not alone.

The British Empire entered the conflict with an excellent (for the time) anti-tank gun, the “Ordnance QF 2-pounder”, or more simply the “two-pounder”. Entering service in 1936, the 2-pounder’s 40mm round was superior to other 37mm ATGs then entering service, but was much heavier, taller, and more complex to get into action. It had a “Y” shaped gun platform allowing 360 arc of fire, but this also added complexity, weight, and time to get into action when compared to standard “split trail” ATGs.

The 2-pounder served well in the early war, and although it was scheduled to be replaced by the 6-pounder, the post-Dunkirk losses of material forced the 2-pounder production to continue, and it was used long past its “best before” date. It was also mounted on innumerable AFVs and even on ad-hoc portee and vehicle mounts through to the end of the war.

This .stl is meant for resin printing only. The gun fits on a 4 mm post on the gun base. There are the separate wheels (which were removed from the axle when the gun was set into action).

In the photo you can see the figure of the seated gunner. This figure is from Studio Grozny’s excellent “28 mm British Commonwealth generic artillery crew” available to Wargaming3d. This is figure # 5, reduced to 95% in size, and can be merged with 3D Builder or any similar program. This figure is not included in the .stl pack but is an option for you to add.