Bolt Action Unofficial Vehicle Design System


The Vehicle design System provides an unofficial but consistent system to calculate points values for vehicles in Bolt Action.

These guidelines have been reverse engineered from vehicles listed in the ‘Armies of…’ and some theatre books.

I do not claim them to be infallible and not all official vehicles follow these guidelines!

The idea of these guidelines is that they will help you construct appropriately pointed vehicles to fill in any gaps or correct any injustices in the vehicles in Bolt Action (or Konflict 47). Note: They can only be used with your opponent’s or Event Organizer’s consent!

They are not designed to allow you to make the “uber-mega-tank of doom” but to mitigate omissions or ‘what-if’ tanks. If you wish to use these guidelines then the first thing to understand is the onus is on YOU to provide the evidence that your construct is reasonable. Remember that even existing real tanks, particularly infantry tanks, can be devastatingly good, so use them with care and don’t use these rules as
an excuse to be ‘that guy’.

Thanks is due to Dave ‘Ubergruber’ Hunter for the groundwork, Roger ‘Maddox’ Travis-Evans for checking and Bryan Cook for compilation. Originally published for free on WWPD (Sorely missed!). Tortoise mastered by me, available from by Die Waffenkammer, painted by Jacob Richard


There are two corrections since publication:
1. US Veteran vehicles with gyro stabilized guns are +10 points
2. Slow vehicles are under 35km/h

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