Bolt Action Chaplain’s stole – 28mm


There is option for players of certain armies to field a chaplain within their reinforced platoon. This was introduced in the Battle of the Bugle book, as a definitive option for the Armies of the U.S., Germany, the British Commonwealth and Partisans. It is left to both players to agree for their use in other armies, but historically most European armies employed chaplains within their army OOB. I had never encountered one in a Bolt Action game until recently when playing in a local tournament and my opponent Ross had on in his late war German platoon. I was so impressed as to how handy his veteran padre was to him that I thought it would be a great addition to many of my armies.

While there are some metal figures specifically made out as chaplain, most players simply assign the duty to a generic figure. I wanted an easy way to identify a chaplain one the board and thought a “stole” – the scarf like vestment worn by priests/ministers/rabbis etc – would do the job.

This stole slips over the neck of most 28 mm figures. It has raised crosses on it, to allow easy painting to highlight the cross. Alternatively, if you resin print and have an .stl of an appropriate figure (in the photos below the primed, unpainted figure is an adaptation of the Eskice Polish line, an officer where I replace the weapon in his right hand with a crucifix and merged the stole around his shoulders). This can be done with most other stls in 3D Builder.

I am posting this as a free download to anyone so inclined as to print a few off. There are worse ways to spend 30 points (you do want to take the chaplain, do as a veteran, as they remove pins on a roll of 3+). The beauty of the Chaplain (as Ross did) is having the padre follow his advancing squad, whom I kept hitting with fire, but the Padre would remove one pin and then on their own order roll they removed a second pin and they started their turn fresh and ready to rumble.

This is meant for resin printing only, as it is delicate and a complex shape.

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