Bofors 75mm Mountain Gun .stl pack


The interwar period resulted in a surprising amount of international weapon sales, given that the world was awash in surplus from the great War. The Swedish Bofors armaments firm was quite busy, assisted by some covert assistance from the likes of Krupp, who were working under post-Versailles restrictions.

The Bofors company produced a number of light and medium field guns for mostly minor powers, and one notable one was their 75mm mountain gun. These came in a myriad of variations, depending on the customers preference. Their 75mm mountain gun was sold or licensed to such diverse nations as China, Bulgaria, Argentina, Belgium, Iran , among others.

This .stl pack represents two variations; the one with a complex curved gun shield, as used by the Dutch KNIL in East Indies, and a simpler and more angular straight plate gun shield, as used by Belgium, Turkey, Iran, and others. The gun was normally fitted with spoked wheels, but the Belgians also used a Stamped steel rubber rim wheel. There are photos of a smaller, fully pneumatic tired wheel, but those are postwar Swiss and Argentinian examples and are not part of this pack.

For Bolt Action players, this gun would be an accurate addition to the armies of the KNIL, Belgium, Bulgaria, Nationalist China, Switzerland, Sweden, and Persia/Iran.

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