Bell tent – 28mm


This is an original .stl design file of the very common “Bell” tent, used since the 19th century by both military and civilian enterprises. The tent was traditionally canvass, but the design remains in use with newer and more assuredly waterproof materials. I used an old canvass one as well as newer nylon ones while serving with the Canadian Army back in the 1970s.

I designed this at the request of a player of the popular “Congo” 28mm game, but it can well be used in any 28mm game, from the ACW up until current conflict as a terrain piece or even as an objective (e.g. in the demolition scenario of Bolt Action).

I made it with the top piece to be removable so you can place a figure or stores inside. there are “nubs” to retain the top in place.

I just did a quick paint job for the test print, primed, with a tan base coat and some light white dry brush. I added some static grass along the exterior edge.

I printed this with NO SUPPORTS at .3mm setting; it is a terrain piece, so I didn’t feel I had to worry about fine detail. You may get a better product at a finer setting.

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