Australian 2 pounder ATG Universal Carrier


Sometime ago I loaded up a Commonwealth 3” mortar Universal Carrier .stl pack. That weapon system was a unique Australian AFV they developed and produced. That .stl was compromised of a completely new hull and weapon, but as I started with Bergman’s track (whom I am very appreciative for his work) and reworked it for better detail, I loaded it as a free file. I added track teeth, better defined bogies, track link detail and springs to the original Bergman track.

I have since been asked to revisit that platform to see if I could do up the second Aussie adaptation of the Universal Carrier, that being the anti-tank model with the rear mounted 2 pounder gun.

I have reworked the hull and created a simplified model of my 2 pounder gun to suit the unique vehicle.

The photos of the painted model were kindly submitted by Adam Stone, who prodded me into this design.

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