Artillery Targeting Markers for Bolt Action

Last weekend five of us in our local group had our first BA game since 2020. In it we had three allied players who together fielded four FOOs (four observation officers) calling in off board fire, plus at least eight on-board indirect fire weapons. Even with the best of intentions, keeping clear who is firing on what and what the ranging in count quickly gets confusing. I had a previous targeting system but I thought I could improve it.
This new pack includes a series of FOO markers (a generic tripod with a telescope on it) and FOO markers; these are numerical, so each FOO team can be linked to a specific target marker
The on-table artillery / mortar teams also have a new target maker which holds a standard 12mm D6, and a gun marker, which goes being the weapon firing. These are alphabetical.
These are game aids, and not meant to represent a specific Zeiss optical instrument. The ones photo’d were printed in FDM at a fairly crude .2mm height. The FOO markers and Gun targets require supports, the others do not.
They should print fine in resin, in fact much better, but I just did them in FDM. Again, they are just game aids, intended to be tossed in with my cursed dice and tape.

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