American T-20 Shoulder Mortar – 28mm scale


I am an unabashed military history nerd, but I still am occasionally surprised by a Bolt Action campaign/theatre book when they introduce a weapon system that has somehow been bypassed by writers and gamers alike.

The Mariana and Palau Island Campaign book introduces the American T-20 Shoulder mortar (p. 133). This was an adaptation of the 60mm, intended to be fired in both direct and indirect fire. The rules allow it a 2” HE, but it remains a two-man team weapon. It provides a substantial amount of firepower, essentially a light howitzer with the advantages of a small team weapon.

I have done up this .stl file, for resin printing. I have added them to some Warlord plastic USMC figures, as well as incorporating it into a figure I have been working on. The 3d design is a work in progress, but if you are comfortable with Cad, it is easy to add this weapon to an 28mm .stl.

I have loaded this a free download and have included a small ammo crate and separate shell. I would have included a pic of the crate, but I dropped it while dry brushing and it disappeared into the netherworld that is my workshop.

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