American M51 with 45 Multiple gun Carriage 50 HMG – 28mm scale


The September 2022 Bolt Action FAQ/Errata introduced the M51 gun Carriage and Quad .50-gun truck as options for the American player, both which are armed with the M45 Gun Turret.

The towed version was the M 51 MGC

The M45 Turret was a small single man turret with two .50 HMGs on each side, configured to engage both air and ground targets in a 360 arc. The turret was powered by a small gasoline engine located to the right rear behind the gunner. This packs a tremendous amount of firepower in a very small footprint.

This .stl pack provides the gun turret, with the guns set at a 30-degree elevation. There are three trailer options – trailer as towed but with supports lowered, trailer lowered with wheels splayed, and trailer with wheels removed. As well, a turret base allows it to be mounted in your own model of a deuce and a half. As well, I have added a truck bed with the same turret mount to the deuce and a half CCKW .stl pack on this site-

I provided a gunner figure, and a second headless one, in case you want to mount a head from a plastic sprue instead. The M45 was a small weapon system, and as the average soldier of WW2 did not resemble the buff titans of “Heroic scale” miniatures, the gunner figure is a small frame fellow.

This .stl is intended to resin printing only.

Created by DeweycatProductions
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