American M2A1 105 mm Howitzer .stl pack


American M2A1 105 Medium Howitzer

The M2A1 howitzer was developed in the late 1930s and equipped American forces throughout WW2. It continued to serve in both Korea and Vietnam and remains in both front line and second line service throughout the world today, eighty years after it entered service. At times criticized for being heavy and overbuilt for the size of shell it delivers, that over-engineering has lead to its long life span.

In Bolt Action the M2A1 fills the medium howitzer role for American forces and would also fit into any Korean and potentially Vietnam and any Brush Fire post-war conflict scenarios.

This .stl package include two distinct file packs; the FDM model is multi-part and has the hand spike left in the clamps on the left trail, and not attached to the trail end, as it is too fine to print extended in FDM. Likewise the tow hook on the end of the right trail of the FDM model was increased in size to increase durability on the FDM model.

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