American Light Howitzer M1A1 on M3A3 Carriage – 28mm


“Platoon building” for Bolt Action gamers involves picking the platoon’s corner stone units. One of the most popular “go-to” units is a light howitzer. This weapon provides both the ability to drop HE via direct and indirect fire, as well as smoke and even nominal A/T capacity. Many nations also have the opportunity to add a spotter to their light howitzer unit.

American players do not have the spotter option but to have the option of adding a gun shield for their light howitzer for an additional five points. The gun shield improves the gun crew’s survivability and is a great point investment.

The problem posed is that, unlike most other nations, the American Army player does not have many options in their light howitzer list. The most common light howitzer in that list is the 75mm Pack howitzer, most commonly associated with the Airborne and Air landing units. Given the primary requirement of that design was weight reduction, a gun shield was not fitted to this gun.

The American player does have a credible option to fill their light howitzer slot with a gun fitted with a gun shield. This would be the M1A1 light gun mounted to the M3A3 carriage. This weapon’s background is outlined within this link –

This .stl represents the M1/M3 gun; with the wheels elevated and the gun resting on the drop-down central pedestal. The .stl pack includes an optional base platform with three 27mm wide figure bases, to allow placing three 25mm based figures on the base.

This .stl was designed for resin printing and would not be suitable for FDM printing. The gun platform base best easily printed in FDM. The figures in the photos are not included.

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