Adler Kfz 13 & Kfz 14


The Adler Kfz 13 was an improvised armoured car, created between the wars by the simple expedient of putting an open-topped armoured shell on the chassis of one of their touring cars. It was really obsolete by the beginning of WWII, nevertheless it saw front-line service in the early Blitzkrieg era, and even in the Battle of France. However, its off-road performance was poor, and it was replaced by much more modern and efficient designs.

The Kfz 14 was the radio car version, mounting a large rectangular aerial that could be folded down on the body of the vehicle.

The zip file includes STLs for both the 13 and 14, and a set of wheels for either (note that the rear wheels are slightly thicker than the front; don’t get them mixed up). The Kfz 13 includes a MG-13 on a pintle mount to be glued to the floor of the crew compartment if desired.

The crew figures shown here are 15mm artillerymen from Skytrex.

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