A15 Crusader II


The A15 Crusader was the mainstay of British tank forces in North Africa until the appearance of the American M4 Sherman. It was fast, and it looked good, but it was plagued by chronic reliability problems, and its armour was unable to cope with the new German guns.

The Mk.II was armed with a 40mm 2 pounder, a excellent gun in its day, but rapidly outclassed and outranged by the Germans’ 50mm and 75mm guns.

The zip file includes two turrets, one buttoned up and the other with the commander’s hatch slid back (you will need to provide your own commander figure). It also contains two hulls, one with the small MG sub-turret and one without.

The turret and turret plug are separate parts. You can locate them together accurately by threading the plug on to a piece of wire (I use brazing rod), locating the rod in the hole in the bottom of the turret, and sliding the plug down the rod into place. Superglue gives a good, fast bond.

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