6mm ACW Zouave Regiment (Supportless) + Blender File


Contains infantry, drummer, officer and standard bearer models.

A Blender file is attached in which constituent parts of the model (such as the hands, head and musket) can be manipulated and a host of optional accessories such as beards, hair and hat options can be toggled for exporting custom figures.

Finally, the models are also offered configured as 4-strips, with Lychee Lite files allowing for these to be customised. There’s also a .lyt file with a whole regiment positioned ready for immediate printing.

These models require no supports when printed at less than 20mm scale.

Please note; the individually based models are bugged and can load in over-scaled; scale any “inflated” models to 11.65% to get them to print at 6mm. The standard bearers, if a bit too small, should be printed at 116.5% to get them to match the other figures (sorry, this is a weird bug that results from repairing the meshes after exporting them from Blender).

Sold By Henry Turner
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