This is an .stl to enable you to print a 28mm model of the American M15 motor gun carriage, which carried an impressive armament of a 37mm auto cannon and two .50 HMGs. The .stl is optimized for FDM printers.

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Early in my 3D learning curve, I had remixed an M-15 Half Track for 28mm wargaming. With a bit more experience and lots of filament under my belt, I thought I would revisit it. I took the hull and refined it, adding hinges on the hood, a new grill, more detailed wheels and tracks, more detailed weapons, and simplified the print by having the hull lay flat on the bed. The front axle will fit a recess in the hull.
The M15 packed an 37mm auto cannon and 2 x .50 HMGs. In Bolt Action that brings a lot of hurt to the table.
The model isn’t as refined as something from Rubicon or the like but
a) they don’t make one,
b) you don’t have to deal with 70 fussy little parts that fall off in game play.
The photo is of my final test print. I fixed an error you will likely notice; a drop in the rear of the drivers compartment. this was something that only showed up in the print; the design was too thin and this didn’t print. this was corrected and won’t happen to your print, but I wasn’t going to burn up more printer time and filament for yet another print.


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