37mm Flak Zwilling 43 .stl pack


37mm Flak Zwilling 43 .stl pack

The 3.7 cm Flak 43 was an anti- aircraft gun used by Germany during World War II. It was a simplified version of the previous Flak 18/36/37. Although primarily mounted as a single gun unit and of vehicles, a dual gun mount was produced as both field mounts and fixed mounts on flak towers.

This model is offered in the Warlord Bolt Action as a heavy AA gun, a fixed weapon, with a crew of 4. The cost is 70 points as a regular, the gun shield is an extra 5 points. This .stl model represents the gun equipped with the gun shield.

I developed both a resin and FDM .stl pack for this design. I very much recommend the resin print. Due to the inherent limitations of FDM printing, I had to make compromises to allow the FDM print.- thickening parts, deleting the gunner figure, etc, where necessary.

The resin model has a separate seated gunner figure as well as a gunner’s seat without the figure, should you wish to add your own. The FDM .stl only gives the gunner seat without a figure.

The barrels and gunner can all be positioned at the specific angle; although they friction fit they should be glued, and do be cautious to have the angles the same for all three when you glue.