2B14 Podnos


The 2B14 Podnos (2Б14 “Поднос”- Platter)) is a Soviet 82 mm mortar. The 2B14 was designed in early 1980s as a replacement for much older BM-37 82mm mortar from WW2 era. It has many advantages over its predecessor – much lighter, it could be detached at moved by its crew in three parts (barrel, plate and legs) and it had also sort of safety feature – built in mussle device which prevented accidental double load.
While it was designed aa light indirect fire weapon for the use of airborne and other light infantry forces, the 2B14 appears to have been fielded with regular motor rifle units as well at a scale of six per battalion.
It was also used with one of the variants of UAZ-469 transport car (from 1984), for efficient transportation of crew, weapon and ammo.
Also, later, using MT-LB chassis, self-propelled mortar 2K21-2 was developed, armed with 12.7 Kord machine gun, complimenting main armament of 2B14 mortar.

These models were designed for tabletop gaming, so some details are rather enlarged or missing for sake of good and safe printing and use. Models also were test printed on Elegoo Mars 2. Model is intended for resin printing due to fine details, 0.02 layer height is highly recommended.

These files are for personal use only and should not be used commercially or shared with 3rd party members who are not the purchaser (of the models). Commercial use involves advertising the file or making prints based on this file for sale. If you would like a commercial license please reach out to me at the email provided.

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