28mm Spanish Napoleonic army 22 sculpts


28mm Spanish infantry army including fusiliers, cazadores, militia and guerillas. a total of 22 sculpts sculpts for the price. These figures are scaled to look good against Warlord and Perry plastics Please see the comparison photo with Warlord French (not included obviously).

The set consists of 22 figures includes (see pictures):

Fusiliers in bicorn: 2 in charge attack, 2 officer poses, drummer and flag carrier (needs around 1.5mm rod for flagpole)

Militia: 4 sculpts in ready advance, 1 officer, drummer and flag carrier (again needs pole)

Cazadores: 3 sculpts in skirmishing advance but should be useful for line quick advance and 1 officer

Guerilas: 4 sculpts in skirmishing advance and 1 officer

This all together is 22 sculpts all included in the purchase.

These have been tested on an Elegoo Mars resin printer. They have not been tested on a FDM printer.

All figures are unbased.

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