28mm Macedonian Eastern Phalangites


These Eastern Phalangites were a common sight within the armies of Alexander the Great’s successors kings such as the Seleucids and can be used to battle many of said empire’s many foes such as the Ptolemies in Egypt, Romans, Indians, Maccabean Rebels and later on the Parthians.

This pack will allow you field your own phalanx units in games such as Hail Caesar and as per the results of the latest release poll comes with a Seleucid shield which you can use to distinguish these troops from the armies of the other Diadochi.

PLEASE READ: As is the nature of 3D prints it is possible that the sarissa spears included within this pack may bend due to heat or curing despite my attempts to make them durable. Due to this I would recommend using wire spears which can be bought from many online retailers. Though I have decided to include them in this pack for the braver among us who would prefer to use them.

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