28mm Dwarven Columns


28mm dwarven columns for your dwarven village.

Not all dwarves hide deep within mountains. Some choose to live in the lowlands where trade, and foes, are more easily found.

While surface dwelling dwarves may not use columns to hold the weight of a mountain up, their villages are still populated with the large stone edifices. Some may be smoke stacks for underground industry while others are simply insurance, for what dwarf doesn’t feel more comfortable knowing the sky is supported by the finest dwarven masonry?

Includes four variants:
1. Simple Dwarven Column
2. Ornate Dwarven Column
3. Simple Dwarven Smokestack
4. Ornate Dwarven Smokestack

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 150mm

Printable without supports

Sold By Ash and Stone
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