25mm Round Base Movement Trays


Five variants of movement trays for 25mm round bases for use in mass-battle wargames.

Miniature bases touch base to base, no awkward spacing.
45 degree bevel on the bottom edge to aid in picking up the tray and helping it slide across the table. (Also makes getting them off the print bed super easy!)

Includes trays for:
1 Miniature: 1×1
5 Miniatures: 5×1
10 Miniatures: 5×2
15 Miniatures: 5×3
20 Miniatures: 5×4

For a quick and easy way of applying basing material, check out the following videos:
Soil layer: https://youtu.be/vqSAceuqgmM
Static grass: https://youtu.be/muffTbrrQq4

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Sold By Ash and Stone
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