1/56 FCM36 Infantry Tank French Republic 1935-40


Forget the T34 this little Gem had radically sloped welded armor long before it, Sadly it was slow Very slow and carried a low powered 37mm gun (that was recycled from the venerable FT17) the SA18 that would just about punch through wet paper, when attempt’s were made to Improve it with the more powerful SA36 (a gun that that could just punch through wet cardboard) the turret welds would split.

Frankly from the one left at Saumur French crew’s were Heroes going to battle in this Tank, its a perfect example of how to torture you’re tank crew’s.

Ok so History aside this STL is Detailed for printing in Resin only in 1/56 or larger, the details,turret wall’s and hatch are too thin to print in smaller scales, If you try and succeed let me know send a photo with the scale.

It’s Two part, Hull and tracks all in one pre-hollowed with large drain-holes underneath, 2nd part is the turret in two version’s with open and closed commander’s hatch, a detailed turret interior! and the longer gun experimental version for “what if” scenarios.

A final Foot note most of the Tanks were abandoned due to Tracks being shot off, osuch tank 30061 took allegedly 42 non-pentrating 37mm AT hits hits See the photo.

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