1/2400 Napoleonic Fleet Set (7 models) + Blender Customiser Files


A “fleet in a box” set containing:

  • 118-gun first rate (based on the Océan-class)
  • 98-gun second rate (based on the Neptune-class)
  • 80-gun third rate (based on Le Tonnant)
  • 74-gun third rate (based on the Téméraire-class)
  • 64-gun third rate (based on the Ardent-class)
  • 50-gun fourth rate (based on the Portland-class)
  • 38-gun fifth rate (based on the Lively-class)

Each ship comes with an attached Blender file allowing them to be exported with short or long spankers, flags, hammock nettings, open or closed gunports and a choice of stern galleries (where applicable). These files also allow for the repositioning of sails.

A YouTube tutorial is available on my channel.

Planned future expansion sets:

Pack 2:

  • HMS Victory
  • Santisima Trinidad
  • USS Constitution
  • HMS Surprise
  • Hermione
  • HMS Indefatigable
  • HMS Majestic (Razee)

Pack 3

  • Spanish 1st rate (based on San José)
  • Large Merchantman
  • Small Merchantman
  • Brig
  • 6th rate (based on the Porcupine-class)
  • Schooner
  • Xebec
  • Two-decker frigate (Roebuck-class)

The models should print totally supportless but, if you want to be safe, I’d recommend placing one support on the end of the spankers’ lower yardarms – a light support with a 0.2mm tip should be just fine. Print the model straight on the plate.

Sold By Henry Turner
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