1/2400 Dutch Fleet Set (Anglo-Dutch Wars, 7 models) + Blender Customiser Files


A “fleet in a box” set for the Anglo-Dutch Wars containing:

80-gun Ship-of-the-Line based on Zeven Provincien

70-gun Ship-of-the-Line based on Groot Hollandia

58-gun Ship-of-the-Line based on Eendracht

50-gun Ship-of-the-Line based on the Brandenburger ship Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde (which was built to a Dutch design)

42-gun Indiaman based on Prins Willem

36-gun Frigate based on the Brandenburger ship Dorothea (which was built to a Dutch design)

22-gun Indiaman based on Batavia

Each ship comes with an attached Blender file allowing them to be exported in custom configurations (e.g. by toggling optional flags or orienting the sails) and have .lyt files with supported versions for the bowsprit sails.

Please note that, unlike the Napoleonic set, these models will need supports for the sails under their bowsprits and therefore are not supportless prints.

Sold By Henry Turner
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