Back in 2018, we saw a real lack of reliable information on 3D printing for the miniature wargaming community, so we decided to do something about it. First we started by creating some rough how tos, then we interviewed a few of the more prolific creators.

A little bit later we came across some issues with discoverability and quality control of files for wargaming on more well known sites. The issue was, anyone could upload to them, and often these files weren’t test printed and simply listed as WIPs. We put together a multi vendor market place that allowed multiple creators to list their creations on a single website, we verified that their files printed and printed well, and ensured that all models were categorized by scale, conflict and force to make them as easy as possible to find.

In June 2019, we started to update the site to V2, which is the site you see today. Wargaming3D is a constant work in progress, so expect to see lots more files, articles and changes as we constantly try to improve and make it easier to download and print your own 3D printed wargaming miniatures for your favorite wargame.

Kiwi in the USA who built the website

MikeE purchased a Monoprice Maker Select V2 back in February 2018 and never looked back. Seeing a need for a a source for information on 3D printing for wargaming he decided to build as a simple blog, fast forward a few months to December 2018 and after a discussion with Deweycat, he added the marketplace, thus the Wargaming3D that you see today was born.

Canadian who creates awesome Stuff

Deweycat creates awesome WWII models for 3D printing, is Canadian and loves cats. What more can we say! One day we’ll get him to write a proper bio, but for now, this will do!