What happened to new Vendors? Where are the updates? What’s happening? Is it still March?

Hi Everyone, It’s been a while!

2020 has been an absolute crazy year. It’s hard to believe it’s the 189th day of March, 2020. For those that are still with us, it’s great to have you hear. For those who we have lost – we will miss you. And for those who have lost friends, family and loved ones, we share your pain.

We haven’t given the site the love and attention it deserves over the last few months, as we’ve been distracted. It started off with spending all of our time 3D printing PPE for local healthcare workers, then we had a major issue on the backend of the site that we are still trying to resolve. Ultimately real life has got in the way lately.

During the normal working week, I work at a startup, and lately that’s taken up all of my personal time, meaning I haven’t had the time to get my FDM printer up and running, write new articles, do necessary upgrades to the site, paint models or even print a single wargaming mini in the last few months. As a result I made the decision to put all vendor onboarding on hold, until we can do some much needed upgrades and bug fixes, to ensure that the onboarding process is as seamless as possible.

For any vendors who are waiting, it’s not that we are ignoring you, it’s just that these upgrades aren’t ready yet, and we won’t want to add any new vendors until these are done, and due to current workloads and COVID-19, this might take some time. We aren’t ignoring you and haven’t forgotten about you, and will reach out when the time is right. Ultimately our priority however is supporting our existing vendors.

Thankfully, we are returning to some form of normalcy, if you can call the new normal here normal at all. Though I can’t see that we’ll be gaming with any of our friends in the basement or at our FLGS anytime soon, motivation is back to get the printers back up and running, get back to painting and get back to getting those armies ready for their triumphant return. So expect to see a lot more content, some updated articles about where the heck to find much needed 3D printing supplies in a post pandemic world (has anyone tried to find Hatchbox PLA or 99% IPA lately!) and everything else to keep you sane and your printers working in a post pandemic world!


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