1/300 Naval Ensigns for Wargaming

I’ve been bitten by the Cruel Seas bug hard, and I haven’t even played a game (though I have attended my FLGS to watch some games and learn the rules).  When the game first launched, it pretty much sold out where I lived, meaning I could only purchase the rulebook. This was around the time that I got my photon, meaning I went straight to Thingiverse, and picked up some basic models for the Vosper and E-Boats.  One of the things that stood out the most in the rulebooks was that the ships really needed flags to make them stand out on the tabletop, especially when most of the models are varients of grey, especially for players who are new or unfamiliar to naval warfare (like me).

The original test version, with incorrect Kriegsmarine flags (now updated)

I looked online, and couldn’t find ANY sources of 1/300 (or even 1/350) paper naval flags anywhere. So, I decided to make some myself.  These are very roughly scaled to 1/300.  Essentially I’ve taken a naval ensign from that period in vector format, and rescaled them to 3mm (which depending on width can be 4-6mm wide) high, which is roughly equal to a 3×5 flag at 1/300 scale. I’ve outlined them in black to make white flags easier to cut out, added a reversed version for the back of the flag and a small gap to allow them to fold around a mast (or a great idea I saw today, cotton soaked in PVA attached to the mast).  These are a free download, though I might make them available pre printed on ebay for those who don’t have access to a high quality color printer.

The final version, shown with a freighter, f-lighter and a Vosper for scale

As for how many flags are on the sheet? I have no idea, all I can saw is there are lots, and more than you’ll most likely ever need if you are playing a game that uses between 5-20 ships of each force like cruel seas.

You can download a high res, flattened PDF of the file here. Print in US Letter format.

Here’s a 3D printed F-Lighter with ones of the Kriegsmarine flags. Make sure you don’t glue your fingers together! These are fiddly.

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