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Welcome to Wargaming3D.com, your online resource for all things involving miniature wargaming and 3D printing. This site is intended to showcase all the amazing, free or cheap files available that allow you to produce your own, legal, 3D printed wargaming models.

I initially got into 3D printing last year, after purchasing a copy of the Games Workshop game Necromunda. It had been over 10 years since I’d played a miniature wargame, and since then I’d lived on 3 different continents, having sold my collections a long time ago. Realizing I needed some terrain, I started looking into options, and came across some amazing walls for the board version of the game, except they were only available as .stl files. At this time I had no idea what a stl file was, or even how accessible 3D printing was. I spent a bit of time researching on reddit, found out how long it actually takes to print a file, and did some quick mental calculations, realising that I could purchase my own 3D printer for the same price that it would have cost me to have the walls commercially printed.

A week or two later and I had my first 3D printer, a Monoprice Maker Select V2 that I’d purchased online. I made the decision because I wanted something reasonably plug and play, and this only required 4 bolts, working straight out of the box. I slapped it together, and downloaded some files off Thingiverse. Threw them on a SD card and wondered why it didn’t work. My answer, it turned out was that I didn’t know what a slicer was, and the Gcodes wouldn’t work straight on a printer. So off I went to research what a slicer was, download cura, and copy across my first file, a barrel barricade that printed in about 40 minutes on low quality. It was my first piece of 3D printed wargaming terrain and I was hooked.

A year later and my printer looks slightly different, with a new Y carriage, support struts, glass bed, an octopi and webcam setup and more. I’ve printed a tonne of vehicles and terrain and am learning every day. And I still haven’t got around to printing those Necromunda barricades. I’ve started playing more games including Bolt Action, Flames of War, Warhammer 40,000, The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles and Gaslands. All of which I’m able to print vehicles, terrain, counters and more.

I found most of the useful information hidden away in reddit threads, private facebook groups and in chat on various thingiverse pages. I realize that as more people get interested in how they can use 3D printers to legally make their own wargaming miniatures, that there is a need for more information. The goal of this website will be to be a resource to the 3D printed wargaming community, starting off primarily focusing on WW2 Wargaming. I’ve got some other members of the groups involved, who are far more skilled than me at CAD and making their own files, who will help writing on a variety of topics including:

  • 3D printing equipment for miniature wargaming
  • Reviews of gear and accessories
  • Instructions on how to upgrade a 3D printer suitable for printing wargaming items
  • Resources and tools for 3D printing (scale converters etc)
  • Painting 3D printed miniatures
  • Designing files for 3D printing
  • General articles about 3D printing and miniature wargaming
  • Reviews of commercially and freely available 3D printed files
  • and anything else that takes our interest

Sounds interesting? Get in touch if you’d like to contribute by emailing [email protected] or give us a follow on our instagram account.

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